How Technology Can Throw You a Lifeline

I can imagine what it is like to lose everything you have in a flood because of a hurricane.  Sometimes I let my mind wander and think about what I’d do if I had I to evacuate because of a giant storm that was sure to knock down houses, uproot trees and flood riverbanks to deadly levels. I would let go of everything I held dear in that place and never look back.  I’m not talking about family and friends, of course I’d look out for their well-being.  But as I ticked off the items I’d need to take care of if I had to make a hasty exit from my home, except for the clothes on my back and a few other antiques and possessions, I could replace everything I needed to function at the level I’m accustomed to by shopping on line through Groupon.  From the rental car I’d drive away, to the place where I’d lay my head the first night, to the next change of clothes for the family, it could all be shopped for from my smart phone.  And I could be assured of the same quality I’m used to getting when I’m in the physical store picking out the items myself.  I could even go online and quickly change the address for my next meal delivery service shipment to arrive at my new abode.  And I could save money in the process by using Groupons every step of the way.

Once settled in my new home, the first thing I would do is check out  I’d peruse their huge inventory of goods for every corner of the house and select new items to replace my old furniture, bedding and décor.  I’ve shopped them many times in the past and always love the quality of their merchandise, and the free shipping which saves me even more.  Even though the rugs, tables and chairs, patio furniture and accessories are piled in a heap at my old address, I can whip out my list and shop for the items I need and have a better looking home in no time.  These thoughts comfort me as I try to imagine the horror of losing everything.  And I have lost it all before.  Not to wind driven rain, but to tornadoes in Texas where I lived after serving in the military.

We are resilient people and always find a way to come back after we get knocked down.  Say what you will about our dependence on technology.  At a time like this, it’s a life saver.